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Program: 2024

Workshop on Transparentizing Deep Learning
(WTDL 2024)
January 16, 2024
5th AIEE
Bangkok, Thailand

Sponsored by
Brain-Mind Institute

The Deep Learning scheme has been the basis of a great recent increase in the number of AI-related publications.   Based on Deep Learning, many generative AI systems, such as ChatGPT and Large Language Models (LLMs), have also attracted much attention from the public, media, as well as policymakers, including those in the U.S., Europe, and China.  “For LLMs to solve problems, people need better understand the successes and failures of these tools” (editorial, Nature, July 27, 2023).   This workshop invites researchers knowledgeable about deep learning to exchange the latest results toward transparentizing deep learning, including LLMs.

Full research and position papers accepted will be published in the workshop section of the proceedings of AIEE 2024.  Accepted abstracts will be presented during the workshop.   After submitting your papers online to AIEE 2023, send them also to the workshop general chair via email.    The registration fee for the workshop is US$80 by Dec. 31, 2023, and $100 after.  According to paper submissions, the Workshop intends also to hold a panel session to facilitate interactive discussions among the workshop participants.   Workshop presenters will be onsite, but registered remote viewers are allowed who will be able to submit questions to the panel members and presenters.  

For more details, visit the website of the 5th AIEE

General Chair:

Prof. Juyang (John) Weng
Brain-Mind Institute and GENISAMA
Michigan, USA

Program Co-Chairs:

Prof. Dongshu Wang
Zhengzhou University
Henan, China

Prof. Xiang Wu
Nanjing University of Science and Technology
Nanjing, China

Local Arrangement:
Ms. Emma Zhou,
Tel.: +86-18117808143