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Latest Announcements

BMI 2017 Program announced

Brain-Mind Talk 1: How Brains Work. Youtube site. Youku site.

Important dates:
- Monday March 27, 2017: deadline for recommendation of contest learning engines (deadline can be extended.  Ask
- Monday April 10, 2017 (extended to May 1): deadline for application for BMI admission and application for BMI tuition waiver. New BMI students must get admitted first.  Send your CV, Transcripts, and Statement of Purpose (< 500 words) to  If your application has been received, you should receive confirmation.
- Monday April 24, 2017 (extended to May 22) : deadline for advance registration of BMI courses and AIML Contest entries
- Tuesday May 16, 2917:  AIML Contest Panel during IJCNN 2017: 2016 awards, 1st place: $10,000, presentations, and Contest 2017 kick-off
- May 29 - June 16, 2017 (three weeks): distance learning course BMI 831 Cognitive Science
- June 19 - July 7, 2017 (three weeks): distance learning course BMI 861 Brain Automata
- July 10 - July 28, 2017 (three weeks): distance learning course BMI 871 Computational Brain-Mind
- Aug. 7 - Aug. 18, 2017: Contest workshops: Hands on contest engines (free for one person of each AIML Contest entry)
- Dec. 31, 2017: results from contest entries due by noon
- Date to be determined, 2018: AIML Contest 2017 announcements, awards, and contest presentations.  First place: $10,000.

The BMI mailing list has been created for

  • those who are interested in being posted about BMI related activities
  • those who like to receive email for Table of Contents of the Brain-Mind Magazine, published by BMI

Anybody can sign on and off any time as he wishes. Anybody who is on the list can post to the list, but this is a moderated email list to avoid unrelated emails.

The Brain-Mind Institute (BMI) started from Fall 2011. From Fall 2011, the BMI Distinguished Speaker Series and other publicity activities would attract applicants for the BMI summer school 2012 as the first summer school offering. Additional offerings of the summer school will be made in the following years. Depending on the individual schedule of course enrollment and home-discipline tests, a miminmun of two summers seems possible for a researcher to receive a BMI 6-Discipline Certificate (6DC) — a BMI curriculum for 6 disciplines: biology, neuroscience, psychology, computer science, electrical engineering, and mathematics. Due to the unique breadth and depth of this BMI curriculum, these researchers would be future leaders of brain-mind research, contributing to research, education, government planning, grant and publication reviews, technology transfer, applications, and improvement of the quality of human life.

The material on this web site is under development by the BMI International Advisory Committee, the BMI International Program Committee, and the MSU Steering Committee.


Last updated: Dec. 17, 2017