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Registration for 2022

If you plan to participate in the AIML Contest, you want to (A) apply for addmission into BMI first, like entering a university first.  If you have been admitted to BMI already, you want to (B) register for AIML Contest and the BMI courses, like registering courses each semester.   See (A) and  (B) below.

(A) To apply for admission into BMI (before you can register): Download the form: doc or rtf and follow the instructions in the form.   The deadline may be extended.

As explained in BMI Program on the Program page,  there is one component:  BMI summer courses without AIML Contest for 2022.  

There are two types of participants: (1) Full-time students and (2) all other cases.

(1) Full-time students:  By BMI 2016 definition, full time students are those who have a full-time program, in the Spring Program or equivalent, in a BMI recognized university in any country.   A full-time student is eligible for applying for BMI fellowship with submission of the photo-copy of a valid document that certifies his full-time status, including his university identify card and university registration record for the spring program or equivalent.   If he likes to take BMI courses, he needs to apply for admission to BMI if he has not been addmited to BMI in the past.  After admission, full-time students with valid proofs do not need to pay tuition but they must get admitted to gain access to the teaching material. For full-time students to pass each course --- taking exams, receiving a course certificate for passing, and being listed at the BMI Classes site for world-wide recognition --- each needs to get addimitted first and pay a course administrative fee of $50 for each course. The BMI courses and Contest Workshop are included for only one participant of each Contest entry and is protected by copyrights.   If a second member of each Contest entry needs to take BMI courses or Contest Workshop, he must register separately.   For example, if a team has registered two Contest entries, the two-entry registration fee allows two team members to take the three BMI courses and the Contest Workshop.

(2) All other cases: all those who do not satisfy the above definition of full-time students.  If he wants to take BMI courses, he needs to get admited to BMI except for audition. After admission, pay the corresponding registration according to the Region A (full) or Region B (50% discount, audition not applicable) which includes the administrative fee for each course. Registrations for auditing courses do not need a prior BMI admission but are served on a first-come-first-serve basis, depending on the available remaining seats. Registrations for auditing courses pay the same rates as admitted applicants. The material for each BMI course is meant for one participant only and is protected by copyrights.

Regions: Applicants from Region A pay the regular registration below. Applicants from region B are qualified for a 50% reduction of registration but not applicable to audition. Region A: North America, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Israel, and Russia. Region B: all other countries, including South America, China, and all other Asian countries.

Please get your international credit card ready. You can ask another person to pay for you since you will enter the name of the credit card holder after you have created or entered your own credit account. If you cannot pay through an international credit card, you can pay through bank wiring by contacting with a subject line: BMI: pay through bank wiring.

A 10% cancellation fee will be charged if the cancellation is made by the advance registration deadline. A 20% cancellation fee will be charged if the cancellation is made after the advance regisration deadline.

Registration Fees
Registration Types By June 19, 2022 After June 19, 2022
3-course (Region A)
2-course (Region A)
1-course (Region A)
3-course (Region B)
2-course (Region B)
1-course (Region B)
3-course (Full-Time Student)
2-course (Full-Time Student)
1-course (Full-Time Student)

(B) To register for AIML Contest and BMI Courses:  (1) Download and fill the BMI registration form: doc, rtf; (2) pay using the following link; (3) follow the instructions in the registration form. If you have registered but like to increase the items, use the column “Additional Registration”.

If you have PayPal difficulties, you may use the bank-to-bank wire with a small bank wiring fee.   Send an email with a subject "BMI Bank Wire" to request the bank information.

Original Registration Additional Registration


If you like to add items after you have registgered, contact